Watermelon Slice Dog/Cat Squeaky Chew Toy
D'aww Factory

Watermelon Slice Dog/Cat Squeaky Chew Toy

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Your little furry family member would love to eat delicious fruits and vegetables just like you.

Shipping is free! For all addresses in the United States: please allow up to three weeks for delivery. International orders should allow three to five weeks.

  • The squeaky toys are made of high-quality plush and comfortable cotton fabric. Non-toxic as well as heavy-duty.
  • These chew toys will be your pet's new best friend and the squeaky noises will double the fun!
  • The plush material is soft but also sturdy. Your dog will love throwing these little toys up in the air to catch them and your cat will kick them all over the floor to chase them! These are really great toys for any pet!

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